Your risk, simplified

We shift away from traditionally complex risk management solutions to build simple and engaging outcomes that work in complex environments.

Our risk management specialists are drawn from a wide spectrum of private and public-sector industries and are experts in their disciplines with many years of practical experience to view your risks in new ways.

Many of our consultants are public speakers, regularly delivering thought provoking content and insights with audiences across the country on helping our clients manage their critical risks, understanding the hazards of organizational change or managing health and safety in their workplace.

The challenges of our clients are echoed across industries and Riskcoms fresh voice is delivering thoughtful and contemporary perspectives.

We provide a wide range of risk consulting services:

  • Risk, safety, change and project management expertise
  • Specialised resources for short or medium secondments
  • Development of systems and methods
  • Training and development of staff
  • Strategic risk planning and execution
  • Expert opinions
  • Public speaking events
  • Planning and managing organisational change
  • Coaching

Experience matters

Riskcoms leading team of specialists are highly experienced at dealing with risk management, strategy, implementation and compliance matters throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Whether our clients are managing safety incidents in their workplace, transforming their IT systems or they are looking to build an integrated strategic risk framework, we leverage the experience of our whole team to develop the right outcomes for you.
Our founding partners are experienced risk and safety management practitioners who actively work with our clients to shape their business and this unique approach allows us to pitch and deliver the best Consultants for your challenge.
Riskcom also leverages a wide network of associates to expand our expertise across Asia Pacific and afford us scalability and flexibility.

Our consultants are ready to chat with you for a no obligation assessment of your current risk landscape. Contact us today.

Our experienced team

Values guide success

Our values guide our decisions and help us shape the programs that we design and deliver. Our culture encourages every consultant to develop and express their unique perspectives and curate thoughtful and tailored solutions. We purposefully create an environment of ‘entrepreneurship’ which inspires our people to actively shape the organisation s story.

We pride ourselves on being a learning organisation, leveraging new approaches from within risk related fields and also actively exploring other industries where they are achieving outcomes that suit our clients. This diverse and contemporary approach allows us to flex and pivot in support of our clients needs.

  • Integrity

    We take our commitments seriously, provide candid and respectful feedback and behave ethically, with trust, honesty and deep consideration for each other, our clients and the environment.
  • Collaborative

    We create supportive environments to encourage a breadth of diverse voices and ideas. We work together across our practices to understand needs and deliver great projects with confidence.
  • Visionary

    We visualise better outcomes for organisations and employ the best approaches to make them happen. We are agile and innovative, ready to combine new theories with established practices.
  • Commercial

    We pursue business opportunities and manage our projects ethically. We produce commercial results through optimised processes and systems and enhancing organisational culture.
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