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Asbestos management risk assessments / Division 5 Assessments (VIC)

Asbestos management risk assessments / Division 5 Assessments (VIC)

The purpose of this assessment is to check your property and identify, so far as is practicable, all asbestos containing materials (ACMs). This survey is a visual inspection and the findings are recorded using our digital audit tool, Risklens and samples are taken accordingly to test areas that we believe may potentially contain asbestos.
The expertise of our consultants will determine the risk presented by the identified ACMs and provide you with expert advice on how to manage and control your risks.

Pre-demolition / Refurbishment Assessments / Division 6 Assessments (VIC)

Prior to the commencement of any refurbishment or demolition works at a property, the asbestos register must be consulted. Often, Management/Division 5 assessments will not identify all ACMs in inaccessible areas. During a D6 assessment, Riskcom consultants will use their expertise to remove any “unknowns” from your asbestos register and assess previously inaccessible areas where practicable to do so. Other Hazardous Materials will also be included in the risk assessment, and management/remediation advice provided on them. These additional HazMat include, but are not limited to:

  • Synthetic mineral fibre insulation
  • Lead-based paints and products
  • Polychlorinated biphenyls
  • Stored chemicals
  • Ozone-depleting refrigerants
  • Biological hazards, e.g.
    • Syringes
    • Faeces
    • Medical waste

Riskcom will provide you with the recommendations to adequately control the risk presented by these hazards during your proposed works.

Pre-demolition / Refurbishment Assessments / Division 6 Assessments (VIC)

Asbestos Re-inspection Assessments

Asbestos Re-inspection Assessments

ACMs are required to be re-inspected at intervals not exceeding 5 years and Riskcom staff can help you by re-inspecting previously identified ACMs in your property and ensuring you meet your regulatory requirements.

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