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Asbestos Management Plans

Certain states in Australia require you to develop an Asbestos Management Plan if your property has had ACM(s) identified within them. In states where it is not legally required to have an AMP for your property is considered to be demonstrating best practice.

Riskcom can develop site specific asbestos management plans for your property/properties. The content and recommendations within each AMP will be specific to each of your buildings rather than a generic template that is specific to your organisation.

For those clients who are wishing to commence pro-active removal of their ACMS, Riskcom can develop an Asbestos Management and Removal Plan. These plans will provide the advice and recommendations on the progressive removal of your ACMs using a risk based and time conscious approach whilst also offering interim management recommendations to ensure the ACM risk remains low, prior to its removal.

We can also provide Laboratory Services and Asbestos Assessment programs.

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