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Asbestos Registers

An asbestos register is a legally required document for your workplace under Australia law. A register is not required for a domestic premise if it is solely used for living purposes.

An asbestos register is a record of the known presence, type, condition and likelihood of disturbance of ACMs at your workplace. The benefit of having a register, other than regulatory compliance, is being able to provide peace of mind to building occupants and staff that the asbestos in the workplace has been assessed and identified in a certain condition.

It is also a useful tool to provide contractors prior to any works being conducted on sites that may endanger their health. An asbestos register must be updated at a frequency of not exceeding 5 years and it should also be updated whenever there is any change to the status of any ACMS in the building e.g. ACM removal, encapsulated etc.

Regulatory requirements in Australia may vary slightly in terms of wording, but ultimately have the same set of outcomes. To prevent asbestos exposure in the workplace, you, as the Person in control of the workplace or the PCBU have certain obligations to meet under the Regulations. Identifying the presence of asbestos is one of them.

Every asbestos assessment conducted by our consultants will result in the findings being recorded on an asbestos register, with accompanying recommendations. Our asbestos registers will be fully compliant with the requirements of Australian legislation.

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