Your business is susceptible to shock from both internal and external sources that can interrupt your ability to supply your goods or services. Case studies show that where supply of your product is interrupted, the market quickly finds an alternative and moves on. It can be hard to recover and regain that foothold again.

The best plan to avoid this it to develop your business continuity plan. This is a plan which identifies all of your critical business functions and resources, with plans to recover or replace those functions or resources, within agreed timeframes. The plan means that when the interruption event occurs, you know what you need to do in a sequential manner to get your business up and running again.

Developing a business continuity plan can present a challenge to a business, as it requires specialist skills that may not be present or needed in the business on a day to day basis. At Riskcom, we have extensive experience in partnering with you to develop cost effective business continuity plans that allow you to respond quickly, no matter what the cause of the business interruption is.

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