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    the process of change and build
    capability to sustain future


    We help you to deliver your
    strategic program to help you
    reach your growth and
    innovation targets

    Our intentional programs
    prioritise the wellbeing of your
    people to reduce change
    anxiety and stress.

If not now, when?

Change management creates significant opportunities for organisations and when it is well designed, with a people led focus and with a learning mindset, it can be an exciting and dynamic experience. When you need your processes, systems, environments and behaviours to change you must first find the need, understand the purpose and then settle in with your teams to create terrific solutions. Together.Our change management approach supports organisations to achieve goals with greater depth and sustainability by using solution focused collaboration methods.

So why do we need to change? Maintaining competitive advantage is one of the main reasons for change and the projects that we work on have different ways to achieve it. Some of the most common reasons that we see are to:

  • Increase client and employee engagement
  • Merge and acquire new businesses
  • Increase growth in sales, profitability and returns
  • Improve the quality of services and products
  • Remove productivity waste due to outdated systems and processes
  • Improve the ways that data is collected and used
  • Optimise space and collaboration by changing the physical environment
  • Increase opportunities for innovation
  • Improvement of organisational culture

When the reason for the change is determined, the type of change will become clear and will usually result with one or more of the following elements being implemented:

  • Develop new processes for people to follow:

    • Health and Safety management systems
    • Critical control effectiveness programs
    • HR processes
    • Production and manufacturing processes
  • Implement new systems for people to use:

    • Risk and Safety management software
    • ERP systems
    • Document management systems
    • Security software
    • Payroll and HR systems
  • Create new environments for people to work in:

    • Relocations
    • Activity based workplaces
    • Implement hot-desking
    • Establish flexible working programs
  • Establish new behaviours for people to embrace:

    • Mergers and Acquisitions (100 days)
    • Culture transformations (safety, risk or whole of business)
    • Leadership in risk, safety and change


When change management is intentional, the project can feel as though it is an interesting but uneventful process where the destination is the most logical direction for the employee to consciously move towards. Achieving these desirable outcomes requires intentional focus across core functions to avoid people feeling confused, isolated, anxious and unsure about their future. Our change management process creates a buffered pathway which moves employees through the naturally turbulent times of change.

Change Management Models

We have PROSCI certified practioners and consultants experienced with ‘Lean Change’ models who can develop change programs to align with your own change frameworks. Or, we can create a tailored approach that celebrates your environment and leverages our deep experience in both project and change management to create unique outcomes.In brief, the major change management activities that we undertake are:

  • Assessing the impact of the change. Determining who and what is affected by the change, and to what degree can create change,
  • Determining how ready people are for the change. Change readiness informs the likelihood of project success,
  • Developing communication strategies. Communication drives activity and our communication specialists design options that suit your culture and your voice,
  • Supporting executive sponsors. Executive and Senior leaders are often unclear on what they need to deliver throughout the implementation, and we provide tactical support to allow leaders to focus on the critical elements of the initiative. We also provide training and coaching for leaders to build a change able organisation,
  • Frontline leadership support. This is often most overlooked group within a change and we work closely with your supervisory and middle management teams to make sure they are ready to lead,
  • Monitoring and guiding. Checking in with employees to see how the implementation is going and searching for negative effects,

Knowing when it’s time for a change

Delivering organisational strategy can assist organisations to reach growth and development objectives, although it can be challenging to implement these vital programs when there is pressure to also focus on business as usual and guide the initiative into the organisation.

We develop prioritised strategic programs using change management impact assessments to understand the hurdles and help leaders derive the most valuable delivery sequence to ensure that each change intentionally delivers its benefits.

We know that change rarely works well when the preferences of individuals are not considered. Large programs that can impact tens of thousands of employees still need to take this same approach and as we all change individually and at different speeds, the people who have a stake, must have a say.

Building the momentum of change

Organisational change can be fluid and unpredictable. It wants to rebel against detail, process and structure and often moves in many unlikely directions.The common response to this is to contain the change within detailed plans however it often moves faster than the plans can describe, and they can quickly become redundant, leaving a change leader rethinking their own abilities in prediction. Change journeys are hard to predict but they can be guided, better understood, and reach engaging destinations through ongoing momentum.

We use our experience within challenging project environments to assist our clients through the difficulties of change, building capability and strength within uncertain environments. We embrace the unique perspectives and attributes of their culture to understand the change, why it is important and then co-design strategies that will help them to connect with it.

At its centre, our change management programs seek to achieve the following:

  • Build change able leaders who can guide their people through a transition with confidence
  • Work with your teams using a solution focused approach
  • Prioritise the wellbeing of employees as hazards of change emerge
  • Create engaging communication programs to support the change
  • Use solution focused approaches to motivate change
  • Design training that supports new ways of learning

Contact us today to talk about your change and the ways in which we can help.

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