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Organisational Culture

Your organisational culture says a lot about what you value, what you prioritise and what people can expect when they come to work for you. Yet many organisations don’t actually know what type of culture they have created or the risks that are associated with it.

Research shows that a toxic culture decreases productivity by 40%, while an effective culture increases productivity by 20%, and a positive culture can increase by 30-40%.

Culture takes many years to cultivate and if it isn’t the best culture to support your employees, customers and communities, the impacts can be considerable such as:

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Safety Culture & Leadership

Safety does not come before or after your business and it certainly isn’t another thing on the “to do” list. It is an integral tool to drive your business performance, but many businesses fall short because they do not appreciate the interconnections of the 6 Principles of Safety (SPS™).

We will help you describe your culture, understand your strengths, identify your opportunities and then develop practical and meaningful actions to transform your safety culture.

We love surprising our clients with our simple and effective strategies, producing strong results. But mostly, we love powering organizations to new levels of performance through effective safety leadership.
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Risk Culture and Maturity

The introduction of AS/NZS Risk management standard in 1995 and the evolution to ISO 3100 Risk Management – Guidelines (2018), has provided real direction to organisations in the design and implementation of a structured and systematic risk management framework. However, while well documented risk policies and procedures are essential, it is not enough to ensure that organisations achieve the benefits from their risk management efforts!

Based on our extensive experience and expertise in organizational culture, change and risk management Riskcom is able to provide a range of tailored risk culture and maturity review and development services to suit your needs.
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