Short term H&S Resource Secondment

There are times when your business needs additional health and safety (H&S) support. Maybe it is due to unexpected absence or just needing additional support due to an incident or to complete an activity from your safety improvement plan. Whatever the reason, we can meet your needs.
With our team of highly experienced consultants, we offer short term (~ 3 days to 3 month) secondments to help you manage your risk. Our consultants are highly experienced H&S people who have worked as H&S managers and senior practitioners in a wide range of businesses. This knowledge and experience enables us to ‘hit the ground’ running so as to provide you with the timely and capable H&S support that you would expect..
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Workplace investigations

A Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that workers are safe from injury and risks while at work and this requires safe systems of work to be in place.
When an incident does occur in the workplace, an investigation should be undertaken at an appropropriate point (after the injured person has received first aid or medical treatment) to understand why the incident occurred..
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Expert witness

Several of our Consultants have experience with providing an impartial and expert opinion relating to Health and Safety matters.
After a review of the case, we are proficient in the process of legal privilege and use rigorous internal processes to maintain confidentiality of trusted information..
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Chain of Responsibility

New chain of responsibility (CoR) laws under the National Heavy Vehicle L aw (NHVL) came into effect on 1 October 2018. The CoR changes mean that all parties in the heavy vehicle supply chain that have control or influence over a transport-related activity can be held responsible for breaches of the NHVL and may be legally liable for offences committed.

The parties affected by the CoR changes include:

  • Executive officers
  • Employers
  • Prime contractors

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