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Health & Safety Strategy

We develop customised approaches to reducing H&S risks (that is, risk of injury and/or illness, and non-compliance with H&S laws) by establishing H&S processes that meet newest management standards (e.g. AS/NZS ISO 45001 OHSMS) and H&S legislative requirements

We establish H&S risk management frameworks that incorporate strong governance and H&S management planning processes that integrate with sound business practices and assess a company’s H&S performance and processes before developing a road map to drive improved business performance through reducing H&S risks.

We focus on strong governance performance linked to and aligned with business planning, operational and risk management processes to enhance compliance and reduce injury and illness risks..
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Health & Safety Assurance programs

Our qualified and highly experienced consultants provide clients with comprehensive innovative and practical approaches to improving business processes through managing workplace health and safety (WHS) legislative compliance obligations.

We work with a broad range of personnel in a company to assess the adequacy and effectiveness of the company’s approaches to managing their WHS compliance obligations and WHS risks. Together, we identify gaps in their approach that represent a risk of legislative non-compliance and the consequential risk to the business..
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Safety Culture and Leadership

Safety does not come before or after your business. And it certainly isn’t another thing on the “to do” list. It is an integral tool to drive your business performance.

But most businesses fall short because of their leadership and communication approach.

We will help you describe your culture, understand your strengths, identify your opportunities and then develop practical and meaningful actions to transform your safety culture.

We love surprising our clients with our simple and effective strategies, producing strong results. But mostly, we love powering organisations to new levels of performance through effective safety leadership..
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Health & Safety Management

There are times when your business needs additional health and safety (H&S) support. Maybe it is due to unexpected absence or just needing additional support due to an incident or to complete an activity from your safety improvement plan. Whatever the reason, we can meet your needs.
With our team of highly experienced consultants, we offer short term (~ 3 days to 3 month) secondments to help you manage your risk. Our consultants are highly experienced H&S people who have worked as H&S managers and senior practitioners in a wide range of businesses. This knowledge and experience enables us to ‘hit the ground’ running so as to provide you with the timely and capable H&S support that you would expect..
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Technical Risk Assessment

    Traffic management relates to many types of workplaces from small business to industrial and may look at:

  • shopping centre car parks,
  • multi-level carparks,
  • manufacturing sites with inwards and outward goods,
  • loading docks,
  • internal traffic management in manufacturing and warehousing,
  • construction;
  • event planning.

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