Implementation can be a difficult journey by matching outcomes to various stakeholders. We believe that programs which inspire growth need to be thoughtfully and delicately developed and delivered.Intentional implementation removes the pressure from the process – even when things are urgent. It focuses on the critical elements of a change which drives a respectful development of activities that takes your employees into consideration.

The challenge of intentional implementation is that it takes some work to establish and manage – changing an organisation isn’t easy and we don’t expect that things will happen without effort. Intentional implementation rests on three core tenets of Leadership, Project and Change. Each area provides a significant benefit to the outcome of the project and it is noticeable when one is missing. Consider the outcomes on your project without leadership, a solution or someone tracking the people impacts – it just creates chaos that is mostly felt by your delivery teams and your employees.

Many changes start as small ideas that collect momentum and then can quickly shift into the development of activities that suddenly commences a change project. The speed of this transition may not represent employees or take an perspective that loosens diverse thoughts and grows new ideas.

Our programs encourage involvement across a wide swathe of the organisation, from all levels, guiding and encouraging people to share their thoughts – regardless of how those thoughts may be narrowly perceived as ‘positive’ or ‘negative’. We believe that ‘no feedback’ is the first sign of a dying initiative. We celebrate debate, differences of ideas and thought-provoking concepts that defines the change architecture which is built from within the organisation.
We see our role as your coach, facilitator and guide that leverages our wide experiences to enhance your programs and we can help you to create an intentional environment for your change.

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