Similarly with our approach to assist clients review and develop their business, or enterprise risk management frameworks and processes, Riskcom is also able to assist organisations establish project risk management frameworks that are importantly aligned to the enterprise RMF, tailored to ensure that outcomes from the project risk assessment are meaningful. We often observe that project managers are instructed to implement an enterprise risk management framework yet become frustrated when the risk assessment process fails to highlight significant risks as a result. Risk assessment criteria for example, need to be tailored specifically for a project delivery environment to ensure they are prioritised accordingly.

Riskcom has significant experience in developing project risk management frameworks, and our personnel have acted as the subcontracted risk manager during the delivery of various large, complex projects in Australia. We have consistently developed innovative risk processes, tools and templates to enhance the outcome of the risk management function within projects and work very closely with project discipline leads to ensure project risk is captured, treated and reported.

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