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Property Risk Auditing

Riskcom conducts Property Risk Assessments (PRAs) of commercial, industrial and retail sites to assist business’, property owners and managers in reviewing and understanding risks associated with their business or asset portfolio, as well as contributing to PCBU due diligence requirements.

PRAs are a physical, practical assessment guided by legislative standards and industry best practice. They involve a physical review of key risk areas including for example: roof access, plant rooms, emergency management systems such as fire pump rooms, access and egress.

Our property risk assessments provide a simple documented review, including photographs of areas or issues identified as potential or current risk, thereby providing a heat map or quick reference for prioritising and managing risk for your business. Reports are clean and clear using our ‘Risklens’ online reporting tool, developed specifically for this purpose, allowing for client management and tracking of actions.

Property Management Risk Assessment
The Following Key Risk Areas Are Incorporated in Our Assessment

  1. Plant and electrical safety
  2. Fall prevention
  3. Contractor management
  4. Hazardous chemicals
  5. Hazardous materials
  6. Traffic management
  7. Fire Safety and emergency safety management (ESM)
  8. Emergency management
  9. Confined spaces
  10. Cooling towers
  11. Public liability and disability
  12. Landlord and tenant responsibilities
  13. Indoor air quality, noise and lighting
  14. Radio frequency radiation (RFR)
  15. Environmental management (waste)

Completion of an annual PRA is an effective and affordable health check for your business providing a level of control and understanding of your risk.

We use our own online platform to conduct PRA’s. Learn more about Risklens here.

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