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Residential Property Asbestos Assessments

If you are considering renovating your own property, or an investment property it is very important that you do not attempt to remove any asbestos on your own without having it checked by an expert who can verify if it is asbestos.

There are many enthusiastic home renovators that believe they can remove asbestos in whole pieces which can be very dangerous and movement of asbestos increases the likelihood of asbestos fibres loosening and entering the air which becomes a critical safety hazard. If you are in doubt, contact us and our licenced asbestos assessors can inspect the material, run a laboratory test and let you know the results within 48 hours, or quicker, if needed.

If you are thinking of buying a property that might contain asbestos we can also conduct a pre-purchase inspection that will confirm the presence of asbestos which will help you understand your risks and also help you plan for future renovations.

Residential Property Asbestos Assessments

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