The introduction of AS/NZS Risk management standard in 1995 and the evolution to ISO 3100 Risk Management – Guidelines (2018), has provided real direction to organisations in the design and implementation of a structured and systematic risk management framework. However, while well documented risk policies and procedures are essential, it is not enough to ensure that organisations achieve the benefits from their risk management efforts!

Some commonly asked questions:

  • “We have a risk policy, signed off by the CEO and supporting risk management procedures and templates that have been tailored to our organisation, yet why are we not seeing a reduction in our risk profile?”
  • “Our Managing Director regularly stresses the importance of effective risk management and we have a dedicated and committed risk manager, but why do the majority of senior managers and staff view risk management as a ‘tick & flick’, or compliance exercise?”
  • “I did try and use our risk system but there was no support and my efforts weren’t recognised, so why should I bother?”
  • “Why are risks not considered when we undertake business planning activities?”

Sound familiar?

How we can help

Based on our extensive experience and expertise in organizational culture, change and risk management Riskcom is able to provide a range of tailored risk culture and maturity review and development services to suit your needs.

  • Standalone, comprehensive, organisational risk culture & maturity assessment. This comprises a ‘gap-analysis’ against our performance standards tool
  • Be a part of our Industry benchmarking risk culture & maturity assessment program. A more ‘high level’ gap analysis where you are able to compare results with other organisations and learnings are shared across participating organisations,
  • Combine risk culture ‘assessment’ with risk management framework reviews (against ISO 31000). This provides complete and wholistic assessment of your entire risk management program so you are aware of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement,
  • Based on the outcome of these review/assessment projects we are then able to work closely with you to design and implement a risk culture & maturity improvement program,
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