To be effective, a risk management framework and the output from a risk process needs to be well considered. It must be relevant and meaningful to the organisation, representative of the business and have the ownership of the executive, management and staff. Riskcom places great emphasis in working closely with our clients to ensure this is achieved.

We have significant experience in facilitating risk workshops and meetings with senior executives to operational teams, including for example, developing risk policy and governance models; risk appetite statements; risk assessment criteria or to facilitate risk identification and assessment workshops. While bringing significant risk and business expertise to workshops and meetings, our consultant team is highly skilled in listening, challenging, prompting and engaging participants to ensure the session objectives and deliverables are achieved.

Michael MacLennan, Riskcom’s Principal Consultant for Business Risk has delivered over 600 risk workshops.

“Michael is a gifted facilitator who can work with large, diverse groups to achieve consensus. If you ever have the chance, you should put Mike in these kinds of situations where he excels like very few could.”
– Jason Mumm, then Director of Financial & Risk Services (MWH).

Riskcom is also highly experienced and well credentialled in designing and delivering risk management training sessions to upskill management and/or staff:

  • In either the fundamentals, or more complex elements of risk management
  • in the implementation of organisational risk frameworks and processes, including their role in managing risk and how to undertake their risk management responsibilities
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