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Safety Leadership Development

The Importance of Leadership

  • Creative Approach

    Creative Approach

    We provide a creative approach to
    operational risk management for businesses
    thet want smart, effective solutions.

  • Doing Things Differently

    Doing Things Differently

    We do it a bit differently to the others.
    We’re creative. We think outside the box –
    rather than just ticking them.

  • Our Approach

    Our Approach

    Our approach ackbowledges the everyone
    in your business olays a vital role in making
    a healthy and safe work place.

driver for business performance

Safety Leadership Development

Safety as a driver for business performance

Safety does not come before or after your business. And it certainly isn’t another thing on the “to do” list. It is an integral tool to drive your business performance.

But most businesses fall short because of their leadership and communication approach.

We will help you describe your culture, understand your strengths, identify your opportunities and then develop practical and meaningful actions to transform your safety culture.

We love surprising our clients with our simple and effective strategies, producing strong results. But mostly, we love powering organisations to new levels of performance through effective safety leadership.

Firstly, we’ll ask “where is the business at right now?” We’ll assess your current situation using an approach tailored to your business’ needs.

Then we’ll create a vision together. We’ll map your potential, the pathway to getting there and the values that will carry you down that path.
We’ll help you set smart goals and one of those goals will be to develop strong internal relationships. This is the corner stone.

Safety Leadership Development

Building the foundation for success

Having a foundation of honesty, trust and integrity is essential to developing a positive safety culture. Regardless of your position or your message, if people don’t trust you, they won’t listen to what you have to say.

We will help you design, and put in place, an engagement process that fosters relationships at all levels of your business. Managers and supervisors need to be able to successfully communicate by focusing on productive and valuable safety conversations and actively listening to people’s concerns, ideas and aspirations and actually putting them into action, or at least providing timely feedback.

Health and safety should be implicit in your work place’s culture and explicit in your team’s values.

Everyone needs to be involved in the development of team values and they should drive the way you work towards your business goals. A culture of health and safety also has to be nurtured – measured, reviewed and improved. We don’t ‘set and forget’. Nor do we leave more problems than we started with. Our focus is on engraining a continual improvement loop.

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