There are times when your business needs additional health and safety (H&S) support. Maybe it is due to unexpected absence or just needing additional support due to an incident or to complete an activity from your safety improvement plan. Whatever the reason, we can meet your needs.

With our team of highly experienced consultants, we offer short term (~ 3 days to 3 month) secondments to help you manage your risk. Our consultants are highly experienced H&S people who have worked as H&S managers and senior practitioners in a wide range of businesses. This knowledge and experience enables us to ‘hit the ground’ running so as to provide you with the timely and capable H&S support that you would expect.

Our objective is to become your trusted advisor for all H&S occasions, so whether your needs are a traffic management plan, a confined space risk assessment, a response to a Worksafe improvement notice or to develop a holistic H&S strategy for your business, come and talk with one of our experienced consultants and see what we can do for you.

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