In a rapidly changing world, organisations are being challenged with greater uncertainty, and as a result, managing risk is becoming more complex and demanding than ever before.  There is however, a great opportunity for businesses to take a more collaborative, transparent approach to risk management ensuring greater confidence in business decision making and planning.Organisations have long understood the need to identify and manage risks for the following reasons:

  • Fewer surprises
  • Improved decision making and performance
  • Contributes to achievement of objectives
  • Improved confidence in budget allocation
  • Improved organizational governance and due diligence
  • Contribute to regulatory compliance

Yet while some organisations achieve these benefits, other struggle. Our team has extensive experience and skills in assisting both public and private sector clients to develop and maintain sustainable enterprise and project risk management programs that consistently lead to risk management success. HOW?

We acknowledge and understand:

  • Risk Frameworks
    & Processes

    Policy, Procedures, Technolgy

  • Risk Culture
    & maturity

    Behaviours, Attitudes, Leadership

  • Risk

In applying the principles and practices of risk management we place great emphasis and energy in working closely with organisations to firstly understand their needs and then to develop and implement integrated risk programs that are relevant, comprehensive and allow informed decision making.

Our specific service areas include:

  • Risk Policy & Strategy
  • Risk Management Framework/Process
  • Risk Appetite and Risk Performance
  • Risk Identification & Assessment
  • Risk Treatment & Mitigation
  • Business Process Integration
  • Project Risk Management
  • Risk in Change
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Risk Culture and Maturity

Riskcom can help you to review, develop and implement risk frameworks and processes that are tailored and appropriate to your business and just as importantly, work closely with you to help build the elusive risk culture that will ultimately lead you to risk management success!

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